Four shows we haven’t seen in forever

Have you watched Disney, Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network lately? If you have, you probably thought just like me – What the hell happened? Our generation of classic shows is sadly dead. My little brother still enjoys favorites like Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, with some Elmo, but why are those still aired, while legendary shows that we enjoyed in the early 2000’s in the prime of our childhood have disappeared into thin air? Even finding old episodes of my favorites usually cannot be done. The shows on these channels today are complete garbage, and if I were still a 10 year old, I’d sue for ruining my childhood. But, we all still have fond memories of the shows we lived for back in the day. Recess T.J. Detweiler – enough said. The kid was mine, and probably every kid’s childhood hero. The show had a little bit of every aspect of our childhood. Upon a thorough analysis by Mr. Ploehs, I bet he’d say something like the school is a microcosm, and the things they do and go through represent the macrocosm of kids everywhere. True, this is deep stuff. Though I’ve looked and have never been able to find episodes of Recess online, only clips. I do have vivid memories of coming home in 4 th and 5 th grade and relaxing after another tough day of being a kid and watching some good old Recess. Drake & Josh Drake and Josh is no doubt one of my all-time favorites of anything to watch. First off, Drake is basically like a teenage Barney Stinson – the ladies flock. Over the course of the show Drake appears with 74 girls. The polar opposite to Drake, of course, is Josh, and for some reason, he acquired earrings late in the shows life? Comparing him to his younger self, in the very first episodes of Drake & Josh, I see two hilariously different characters. From the weight, the maturity – the whole e-goof Josh changes. The show is currently on weeknights, at 7pm on Nickelodeon, and 11pm on weekends. When I first discovered this a couple months ago, it was the happiest I’ve been about a TV show ever. Drake & Josh wasn’t a show that ended because of bad ratings. Its last season and particularly its last episode were the most watched of the whole series. The show had run eight years and people were just growing up, and moving on to other things. Hey Arnold The next best thing to TJ – is Arnold “Football Head” Shortman. The joy of this good old show ranges from the classic jokes to the always hilarious grandpa. Much is left to be said about the un-happy ending for the show. Word is that the Hey Arnold Movie was never completed to release due to a conflict between the producers and the network, but the script was released– revealing that he does find his parents, and does end up confessing his love to Helga. Last year some episodes ran, but currently the show does not air on TV. But online there are a few places to find some old episodes. Boy Meets World Boy Meets World is in itself a whole generation of memories for those of us primarily born in the 90’s. Our age group kind of caught the show right at its prime. But, shows like this and Drake & Josh, with teenagers being the main characters puts an expiration date on the show from the beginning – they grow up. But not with Boy Meets World. Corey and Topanga dated throughout the whole show, and in the end ended up getting married and having a child. Mr. Feeney, the dean of Pennbrook College in the show, and has a distinct personality and relationship with Corey. Recently, a new Girl Meets World season was announced, where the couple’s daughter’s life is followed. Also, Corey turns out to be very similar to Mr. Feeney. The new show begins filming in February.