The Major Doomsday Theories of 2012

Suspicions have arisen in the last few years about the December 21st 2012 doomsday date. Movies such as 2012 and Knowing have portrayed certain theories dealing directly with the end of the world. It usually just takes common sense to debunk these theories, but it can also be entertaining to have the belief that these many different scenarios could play out. 1.) Mayan Calendar Theory: This theory is based on how the Mayans, a very intelligent culture, end their calendar on the date of December 21, 2012. This is the most popular theory out there for doomsday. Many have beliefs that this is real, but many others believe that the Mayans were dying out while making the calendar, and completely died out before they could make any further additions. The people who believe this are completely wrong. The real reason for that statement is that the Mayans titled December 21, 2012 as “Day Zero”, marking it as the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new cycle- not the end of the World. 2.) Planetary Alignment Theory: The common belief for this theory is that the planets would align in a certain way that would trigger catastrophic events on Earth. Many accredited astronomers shot down this theory, which is that Saturn and Jupiter would align, causing gravitational movements powerful enough to affecting the sun. Any simple geometry class could shoot down this theory, because a “line” is defined as two points in space. That would be saying two planets would be aligned at perfect points at one specific time, which is not possible for Jupiter and Saturn because of how fast each orbits the Sun. 3.) Judgment Day Theory: We have all heard about this theory. It is centered around the belief that God and the forces of good ultimately battle the forces of evil, paired with Satan. It also ties in with a “Rapture” in which the ones God has judged as a clean could will be selected to join him, and the others will be turned down and sent to Satan. One may believe what he/she wants about this theory, in the end it comes down to whether you believe in God or not. 4.) Alien Invasion Theory: This theory deals with the idea that other unknown living species will invade the Earth and take over and wipe out humanity as we know it. “The idea that other living species are in our universe can’t be ignored,” said Chris Henkel when asked about this theory. Some strong believers of this theory, such as Chris, walk this Earth. Aliens and UFO’s have always been something we all have wondered and had suspicions about. There have been countless convincing photos of “flying saucers”, although it has not been proven that extra-terrestrials exist. 5.) Planet X Theory (Nibiru): Planet X has a real name – Nibiru. It is believed that this mysterious planet is on a course to collide with Earth. It is believed Planet X is roughly2/3 the size of Earth, which would be devastating and would inevitably wipe out humanity if it were to strike. With a little bit of logic, this theory can be shot down immediately. One could notice that “Planet X” was existent over 1,000 years ago and if it were truly on a collision course with Earth, by using the advanced equipment educated astronomers have we could prove this theory wrong many years ago. 6.) Yellowstone Super Volcano Theory: Yellowstone is arguably one of the most serene and beautiful destinations on the planet. Lately, Yellowstone has had frequent seismic activity, having miniscule earthquakes almost every day. Although seismic activity is fairly common in those areas, it is enough to scare people. This theory is that a “Super Volcano” would erupt at Yellowstone. The most destructive volcano activity to date was when Toba on Sumatra erupted over 70,000 years ago. Scientists believe that this super eruption triggered a volcanic “winter” that wiped out most life at the time, and the humans that survived are considered to be the root and ancestors of all humans today, which proves that if this theory were true, the humans would prevail once again. 7.) Pole Reversal Theory: Earth’s magnetic field is currently in decline. This theory is based on an idea that the poles will suddenly reverse causing us all to die. Once again, with common sense one could put this theory out of play. It takes nearly thousands of years for the poles to reverse, not just 24 hours. There is also no current evidence or proof that a pole reversal will occur anytime in the near future, especially within the next couple of weeks. 8.) Black Hole Sun Theory: Another alignmenttheory is that of the sun turning into a black hole. This theory is very commonamongst the many doomsday theories. The theory states that a central black holein our universe would destroy Earth when it eventually aligned with the Sun andother planets. This theory was also put in play in 1998, but we’re still alivetoday. The black hole that is believed to cause this destruction is also over26,000 light years away, which makes it very unlikely that this theory willplay out.