The tragedy of Chiefs’ linebacker Jovan Belcher

In 2009, a man by the name of Jovan Belcher became a starting linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. He never missed a game. Then all of a sudden he committed murder, killing his girlfriend who he had a baby girl with. He then went to his coaches and in front of them he ended his life. Leaving his little baby girl without any parents to truly call “mommy and daddy”. The player who we all know as number 59 will be greatly missed by fans all around the football nation. Honestly for the Chiefs to fight and never give up for their fallen team mate just shows how hard they can come together, and fight side-by-side. This 25 year old man still had the rest of his life, but most of all he had a little princess just wondering what happened to both of her parents. -R.I.P. Jovan Belcher