The Walking Dead mid-season finale

The first eight episodes of The Walking Dead have come to an end and it did not fail to excite us. After the deaths of both Lori and T-Dog, the season took a different direction with all the characters. This summary will be brief but to the point. The priority of the group is now the new baby, Judith Grimmes. Maggie and Deryl retrieve baby formula for a temporary solution. Carl takes charge of the baby in the prison. The real change occurred in Rick. He went on a killing spree and was not going to be stopped. Even Glenn tried to stop him, but Rick threatened him. Rick was as violent as can be. He wonders into the very room were Lori died and was put down by Carl, but there was no body. A walker, stuffed after a huge meal, was sitting on the ground unable to move. Rick assumes the walker ate Lori. Rick begins to destroy the walker when out of nowhere a phone rings. On a land line, Rick picks up the phone and a woman says she has a group that is safe from harm. Rick asks if the groups can combine and she says she needs to talk to her group leader and hangs up. Hershel walks in to see how Rick is doing. Rick tells him that he is trying to negotiate with these people on if they could join their group or not. Hershel asked to help but Rick says no. Hershel leaves. A second phone call comes through and Rick answers to hear a man’s voice on the line. The man begins to ask Rick how his wife died. Rick is stunned and responds asking how he knew he had a wife. The man said Rick already told him he two kids and didn’t mention a wife, so he assumed she was dead. Rick didn’t want to talk about his wife dying, so the man hangs up. A third phone call comes in, and it is the first women calling back saying that it would be impossible for Rick’s group to join theirs. Rick, desperate to join, begs to talk to her leader to let them in. She calls him Rick, and explains again that he can’t join. Rick, wondering how she knew her name, asks her. She claims she needs to go and hangs up. Rick is left without hope. The final call is from a different woman. Rick again asks to join and begs for mercy. He says their group is dying. Rick asks for names. She tells him the first woman was Jacqui and the man was Jim. Jacqui was a part of the group in season 1 that decided to stay in the CDC as it was destroyed. Jim was also killed in season 1 as he was bit and told the group to leave him on the side of the road where we assumed he died. Rick in disbelief discovers that he is talking to Lori. She says she is in a better place with Jim, Jacqui, Amy, T-Dog, and Dale. The secure place is obviously heaven, but there was much more symbolism in this. When Jim said no he meant that Rick can’t die because he is the heart and soul of his group. Jacqui is more toward leaving that world for the afterlife as she also took her own life. Lori reminds Rick that he is the strong hold for her baby. Rick returns as a new man and ready to take the world on without Lori. The group goes on trying to survive. Controversy begins with Maggie and Glenn as they both get captured by Meryl and taken to Woodbury. They spill information on the prison’s location. To retrieve their two lost friends, Rick and his group go to war against the governor and the people of Woodbury. At the end of the episode Daryl is captured by the governor. The governor turns on Meryl and places the brothers in the middle of a riotous group to fight each other as entertainment as the season is temporarily suspended. until February.