Lincoln is another Spielberg masterpiece

As he has done before, Steven Spielberg has delivered another masterpiece film. “ Lincoln ” takes you inside the President’s push to pass the 13th Amendment in one of the most critical times in our nation’s history. Through the stress of leading America through a bloody civil war, Abraham Lincoln is working to pass a piece of rather unfavorable legislation through a skeptical House of Representatives. The public knows that the war is drawing to a conclusion, but they know that passing such an Amendment could jeopardize the peace. “ Lincoln ” puts you right alongside Abe in his most trying moments as President of the United States. One can almost feel the pressure of a watchful nation just sitting in the theater. In the movie, Lincoln has other obstacles to deal with such as his son’s desire to join the Union army against the constant protest of Mrs. Lincoln. The main plot deals with the challenge of converting twenty Democrats in support of his Amendment. In the beginning this seems highly unlikely, but as the movie progresses, Lincoln’s men are able to chip away at the number of votes needed to succeed. As the day of the vote arrives, some Representatives hear a rumor that there was a delegation from the Confederacy in Washington to work out a peace agreement. Such an event would kill any chance of the Amendment being passed. However, days earlier this delegation was denied passage to Washington D.C. to work out a deal. If this would have been made public, it too would have killed any chances of the President’s proposal to be successful. On the morning of the vote the representatives opposed to the Amendment demand to know if there was in fact a Confederate delegation in Washington D.C. They demand that the vote be postponed until a later date, but the protest is denied when a note from Lincoln himself disbars the rumor. The procession continues and the vote is held, and the rest, as they say, is history.