The spirit of Elder High School

The spirit of Elder High School is unlike any other school that I’ve seen. Whenever someone shows up to an Elder football game they are just in awe. Everyone I have talked to about football games just say the cheering section is unbelievable. I have never heard anyone talk badly about the Pit after a very well-played game. Ever since I have been here at Elder High School I have always been bragging about going to this wonderful school. When I was a sophomore I would be in the cheering sections during football games. The roar of the crowd plus the students cheering just made the Pit rumble. “The spirit here at Elder is like nothing else. You can’t find it at any other High School,” said senior Kenny Wengert. He also told me, “Listening to the cheering section while we are all down on the field just gives me goose bumps. I wouldn’t want to be at any other school. I wouldn’t think anyone at Elder would choose a different school after being here.” My decision to come to Elder my sophomore year was the greatest decision of my life. I wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t want to be at any other school. Elder is the greatest High School that I know of. The spirit will always be the same. Everyone at Elder is a family and nothing will change, ever.