Another Reason Colorado is The Mile High State

In case you have been living under a rock I’m here to tell you that Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational use. Amendment 64 was on the November 6 th ballot in Colorado and passed by a slim margin; by 220,625 votes to be exact. This allows people at the age of 21 or older to legally smoke dope without a prescription. Many people wonder how a bill like this could be passed, but there are several reasons this became law. Possibly the best argument for legalizing the wacky tabacky is the money it will bring through all sorts of revenue. It is estimated to be a $100 billion dollar industry if legalized throughout the U.S. Speculation of tax revenue from the sale of hippie lettuce could range between $5 million and $22 million dollars a year. Now that is a lot of cheese. Also an economist funded by the pro movement of legalizing sticky icky estimated that there will be approximately $60 million of tax revenue by 2017. The pro argument also says the money saved from not having to jail and process people could be around $1 billion dollars throughout the entire U.S. And yes, that’s billion with a capital “B” So selling Mary Jane isn’t all bad, but there are negative arguments for legalizing it. First off, if kush is legalized throughout the rest of the U.S., the consumption of junk food will go way up. (that’s a joke) But all joking aside, there really are some bad effects of legalizing grass throughout America. Whether one likes to admit it or not, marijuana is a drug and even though it is a plant it does cause health issues. When smoking ganja the chemical THC gets into the blood stream and travels to the lungs and brain rapidly. THC can affect the brain causing “misperceptions,” bad coordination, and memory problems. Now this isn’t shocking news, but it is true. Even though Colorado legalized the recreational use of skunk, it is still against federal law to use this substance. Now that doesn’t mean the FBI is going to come knocking on homes in Colorado and arresting people who use the reefer, but it is nice to know that people who use chronic recreationally and medically are breaking federal law. Since the fed’s won’t be coming around and arresting people for the use of chronic anytime soon, my advice is to look into opening a Taco Bell in the Colorado area.