The Not-So Marching Saints

Monday Night Football last week pitted the New Orleans Saints against the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan, the quarterback of the Falcons was trying to bounce back from a five interception game against two weeks before. But despite that, the Falcons still pulled out a 23-19 victory over the Cardinals. Drew Brees was ready to go and stomp on the Falcons and get his second win over them on the year. Brees did get his revenge, but in probably what was one of his best offensive efforts of the year, he came out on his first drive and drove the length of the field. He then threw deep into the end zone and delivered an interception to T. DeCoudin, ruled as a touch back, this was the beginning of the rough game against Falcons for Brees. Things were looking up for Brees for about five minutes of the second quarter (where he threw his second interception) and most of the third quarter throwing no interceptions, until he surrendered one with 3:20 left in the third. So three interceptions isn’t that bad right? The fourth quarter however did not go as planned whatsoever for Brees and the Saints. They come out on the first drive of the fourth quarter and Brees throws yet another interception making that four in one game. So one may be thinking that maybe Matt Ryan isn’t the only imperfect quarterback in the world, at least he has some company. But Brees can’t be as bad as Ryan, right? Brees is a fantasy all-star and he puts up ridiculous numbers year in and year out so there is no way he would join the five interception club. Alas, Drew Brees on his third drive of the fourth quarter throws his fifth and final interception of the game which sealed the game for the Falcons. Overall, Brees did not do that bad passing percentage wise at 28-50, and 341YDS, completing over 50% of his passes and putting up over 300 yards, but all for nothing as he threw five interceptions and the Saints lost the game, 23-13.