Obama Re-elected, Panthers Disagree

President Barack Obama was elected for a second term winning over Mitt Romney 332-206 in the electoral votes and 50% to 49% in the popular vote. President Obama’s key victories were Ohio and Florida, but not Elder High School. The majority of Elder students, though had some different opinions, would have voted for Mitt Romney. Elder students showed more support for Mitt Romney than Texas did with an amazing 76.0% to 22.2% victory over Obama. This does not surprise me being raised on the west side where people are mostly Republican. But I also asked other questions. 76.6% of those Elder students who voted were Republican, which is why there were so many Romney voters. There were only 17.9% democratic voters and 5.5% independent. I would assume that most of these kids are influenced by their parents on their political stance, but there were some that said they were not. I asked Elder who they thought would win the election, 54.6% said Mitt Romney and 45.4% said Barack Obama. Though more of the voters thought that Romney would win this election it does show that some people could see that Obama would be re-elected. The popular still was really close, 50%/49% favoring Obama. When I asked, some people still had the feeling that Obama would win regardless. What was really neat to see was how the students voted by class. The amount of one sided voters thins out as you get older here at Elder. In the freshman and sophomore class, students voted 89.2% Romney and 10.8% Obama. seniors and juniors voted 75% Romney and 25% Obama. So some kids at Elder really try to form their own opinion. When asking Obama supporter, Seth Mason, why he would vote for Obama he stated, “I just feel like Obama is more for the middle class, and helping the union workers out”. “I would vote for Obama because he is an incumbent president and has already had experience as a president and with these tough issues like the economy and abortion” “I think we need someone with experience to handle those,” said senior Kevin Luegers. When asking Romney supporter, senior Jake Lindle, he claimed “Supply side economics would really turn manufacturing growth into profits for all parts of the economy not just for the business sector” Lindle seemed very educated on the topic of politics, now junior Mike Jones added “I really don’t care about it. But my parents are for Mitt Romney so that’s what makes me go Mitt Romney.” When I asked them if parents had any real influence on their political stance, some said they formed their opinion by themselves while most have probably formed their opinion based on what their parents believe. In the end, the country might have been split on who they voted for, but the Panthers would mostly prefer Romney in the White House. Now that President Obama has won many Panthers are mad. Hopefully the Panthers can take all their anger out on Colerain this weekend.