October 2012: Quill Mashup

CAN YOU IDENTIFY THESE IMPORTANT EVENTS OF ELDER OCTOBER 2012? 1- Elder running back who rushed for over 20 touchdowns this season. 2- Potato, potato; Lasalle, ________ 3- ThePanther painted this before trick or treating. 4- This newly landed machine has made significant discoveries on another world this month. 5- THEDEBATES 6- This guy was threatened by Romney, therefore becoming friends with Barack. 7- Why won’t he stop laughing. 8- Refs came back… praise be. 9- He seemed to be the only Red conscious during the NLDS 10- UNDEFEATED OCTOBER. 11- Elder soccer’s leading scorer with 12 goals. 12- This star is a huge Reds fan and appeared at the NLDS. 13- Na je nun ta sa ro un in gan jo ginyo ja