Sum 41 infects Bogart’s

November third was the date to be at Bogart’s in Clifton. The band Sum 41 performed their Does This Look Infected? 10th Year Anniversary Tour. The 10th Year Anniversary part refers to the anniversary of the album Does This Look Infected . Sum 41 is a very popular punk rock band who has been making quality music since 1996. Originating in Ontario, Canada, the band signed their first record label with Island Records, their first step in the road to the big show. Sum 41 released their debut album All Killer, No Filler in 2001, with “Fat Lip” as their hit single, which climbed to number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. “Fat Lip” is still the band’s most successful single to date. Since their debut, four more albums have been released: Does This Look Infected (2002), Chuck (2004), Underclass Hero (2007), and Screaming Bloody Murder (2011). Sum 41 has always been close to or at the top of the charts and shows no signs of coming down anytime soon. The night started off with a bang with a performance by Let It Happen. They performed with a lot of energy to set up for Sum 41. Forming in 2009, Let It Happen is classified as a Pop/Rock band with an upbeat style of music. With their debut album It Hurts, But It’s Worth It , this modern rock band is looking to move up the pyramid to play with the big boys. Tracks such as: “Bridges”, “Hide and Seek” and “Close Your Eyes” are this band’s trademark songs. Let It Happen strives for their true fans to have a great time. “Hideand Seek” got the crowd involved, something front man and lead vocalist Drew Brown loves to see. In the recording of “Hide and Seek”, there are crowd vocals featured toward the end of the song leaving a sense of unity. The lineup is Drew Brown (Guitarist, songwriter, lead vocalist), Sean Highley (Drummer),Michael Vogel (Lead Guitar), and Nathan Joiner (Bass). Nathan Joiner is known for his driving bass sound and for his energy during the shows. Let It Happen is very optimistic about their future and has a tremendous work ethic for getting to the top of the Pop/Rock genre. After being fired up from Let It Happen, fans couldn’t wait for Sum 41 to take the stage. About thirty minutes passed before the lights went out and fans began to scream their hearts out, only to see two guys walk out on stage, one wearing a bowtie. A sudden silence came over the crowd, some booing for them to get off of the stage. Despite the negativity, the band started to play, and the crowd went wild. This band is called IAmDynamite, and they come straight out of the heart of Detroit. The two are a very odd pair; a hipster guitarist and vocalist with a punk-rock drummer. They really got the crowd into it with their upbeat songs, one of the most popular being “Where will we go.” If you are looking for some new indie/alternative rock music to listen to, be sure to check out IamDynamite. They frequently visit the Cincinnati area and will put on a great show. With two great opening acts out of the way, it was finally time for Sum 41 to hit the stage. After a long hour of waiting for the band’s stage hands to set up, the band came on stage to the roar of a thousand screaming fans. Lead singer Dereyck Whibley screamed, “How are you Cincinnati!” as fans screamed at the top of their lungs. They opened with, “The Hell Song” and everyone started jumping up and down and “moshing.” For those who aren’t familiar with a rock show, moshing is when everyone in the crowd starts pushing each other, and the crowd of separate fans gels into one big group. Crowd surfing was prevalent throughout the entire concert, with the occasional circle pit. The band never stopped entertaining the crowd, even when playing some of their softer songs. Whibley was very kind to the crowd, throwing used guitar picks and even letting some fans on stage to jam right next to the band. Overall, Sum 41 was very into getting their fans excited and having a good time, and that is something that fans appreciate. Too many famous bands are only in it for the money and could care less about their fans, but Sum 41 didn’t cease to make sure that their fans were having a good time. We would definitely recommend seeing Sum 41 live if you get the opportunity. They do many tours all across the world, trying to reach every one of their fans. Also, don’t forget about Let it Happen and IamDynamite, two very good bands, one of them local. The Sum 41 concert was an unforgettable experience, and we definitely recommend going to Bogart’s to see other local bands. You’ll have a great time.