Sandy lowers gas prices

Hurricane Sandy has caused damage across the Eastern coast and the death toll continues to rise. There’s close to nothing good that has come out of hurricane Sandy and the damage toll is extensive, but if there a chance of glimmer out of this tragedy it would be the lowering of gas prices. Around the country people talk about how gas prices are too high and how paying for gas is making such a large dent in their wallet. But with the massive destruction in the east coast, not too much driving will be done over there for a little while. It is predicted that gas prices for those of us not hit by Sandy will take a small dip for a little while. We’ve been seeing drops in prices over the past month or two slowly get lower but over the past few days we’ve seen a dramatic drop in prices, some even below $3.00. Time and time again we have all have been in the situation where we ask our parents for gas money and most of the time they tell us to pay for it our self. Now with prices headed down, paying for gas won’t be that much of a hassle for a short time. There were five east coast refineries in the path of the storm including one of the nation’s largest. The Linden, N.J.-based Philips 66 plant has been shut down for a few days, but gas prices have been lowering steadily. Although these refineries account for about 7% of the U.S oil, they should be back up and running from the hit on Monday. We all enjoy lower gas prices and the relief it is putting on all of our wallets but we still need to put into perspective the people and areas that have been damaged. The rebuilding of the east coast needs to be our main priority even if it means paying a bit more at the midwestern pump.