Hurricane Sandy slams the east coast

Hurricane Sandy powered through the east coast on Monday evening. Superstorm Sandy was incredibly destructive and caused major flooding. The coasts of New York and New Jersey were devastated in the storm. The Jersey Shore is no more. Parts of New York City, one of the most influential cities in the world, have been without power now for almost a week. The subway system in New York is under water, and experts are saying it could be weeks, maybe months before they are running again. Many people think that Superstorm Sandy may affect the election next week. Since many places are still out of power and without an abundance of public transportation, it will most likely be affected. The lack of public transportation would hurt the Democrats in the election. If it is affected, will it make a difference? Most experts say no, because New York, one of the most important states to win, is basically a lock for the Democrats. Also as New Jersey Governor Christie explained, President Obama has handled this disaster promptly and precisely, which may help him in the election. I talked to my aunt who lives in Virginia Beach her about her experience when the storm hit, and she said, “The wind was incredible. We were pretty scared since we don’t usually have hurricanes here. I was just glad we made it through uninjured. After the strong part of the hurricane passed I saw a man canoeing up and down my street.” Hopefully everything will go back to normal as soon as possible. So much has been destroyed by this superstorm. The physical destruction can be repaired, but the truly horrible result from Hurricane Sandy is that the estimated death toll so far is 60 people. The United States needs to come together and support the families who have lost people due to this disaster.