Pike heading west

Recently, a fellow panther on the football team has been awarded a football scholarship to the University of Illinois. Devin Pike is a major part of the Elder offense. Not only can he catch,but he can also run block. That is a major part of our offense, mainly because we run a lot. Devin definitely has the build for a tight end. Being a whopping 6’- 5” and weighing 225lbs makes him a top prospect for college football. I talked to him briefly on his thoughts about getting the scholarship. I asked what he thought about getting a scholarship already as a junior? “It is very exciting and a great feeling. I have always wanted to play football in college,” Pike said. I also asked what he is going to do to get better, and give him a better chance of being successful in college. “I am going to work on getting faster and a lot stronger to match up with the defensive ends in college,” he said. Devin could possibly become a very deadly weapon in college, and could help out whatever team he joins in the future. He is only a junior so he has plenty of time to figure out what college he is going to.