Elder lunch ladies: Behind the scenes

Lunch is the time of day in which most Elder students enjoy the most. The individuals that make a successful lunch are usually overlooked for their tremendous efforts repeated everyday with consistency. Food is always prepared hot for the students to scarf down, but not many take into consideration what went on to make lunch and also breakfast possible at Elder. Angie Braun took me through her typical day at Elder. Angie arrives at Elder at the crack of dawn, (5:30). She makes coffee for all of the teachers and also takes stock for the day. After that, she prepares the breakfast sandwiches and makes the PB&J’s. Angie then told me that she makes the menus after that and then she sets the computers for the day. After all of that takes place, it is only breakfast time for the Elder students. Angie sets the sales and then she sets up the snack bar. She and the other lunch ladies make the chicken sandwiches and the burgers and the special of the day. “We make 15 trays of cookies, all with 24 on the inside. That’s a lot of cookies!” said Angie. It’s show time for the lunch ladies at 10:36 for X Lunch. From 10:36-12:44, the ladies are working hard to get the long line in the snack bar and main line moving along through to eating their delicious lunch. When lunch ends, the ladies clean up, but Angie counts all of the money and deposits it. “I’m lucky to be out of here at 1:30…On a GOOD day.” Angie said. Thursdays are the days that Angie stays for the majority of her day, staying longer than usually during the week to take inventory. Angie, as of now, is the only Lunch Lady to date who has had a double 100 grade for how organized and sanitary she keeps the cafeteria and food. Angie really strives to keep the hungry kids at Elder satisfied and full by the end of the day. Working in nutrition is the key for a successful school lunch, in which the ladies in the cafeteria are focusing on more each and every day to improve. Not many Elder students would know that the Lunch Ladies work for Sodexo, and not Elder. Sodexo is the largest service provider in the world. With over 200,000employees, this company takes care of schools like Elder, The Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium, and a notable Detroit Lions Football Team. “Sodexo is worldwide, there are even employees working for Stonehenge in England for lawn care.” Every student at Elder looks forward to lunch every day, but does not recognize the efforts of our lunch ladies. In a way, the lunch ladies are modern superheroes. They deserve more appreciation from the students than what they get, because it requires a special kind of lady to be a lunch lady.