The Walk…around Elder?

On one glorious day at Elder High School, Sam Kwiatkowski and I were taking a walk around Elder, shooting photographs for previous articles we have written. While walking up a set of stairs, Kwiatkowski asked, “Ever wonder how many steps there are in this beast?” And the challenge was set. We took up the task and devoted our time for one full class period to walk around the halls of Elder to count every step in every staircase. Kwiatkowski and I began in the freshman wing, counting the steps on each side of the building and then moved to the steps on the exterior of the building. We counted every step possible, from the stairs down to the Lacrosse locker room, to the stairs hidden in the music classroom. Following this, we worked our way over to the main building, counting each of the stairs one by one. In a zigzag format, Sam Kwiatkowski and I worked our way through the building, even to the staircase that is used for running stairs during lifting. We made our way to the field house, wrestling gym and the pit and counted each individual step throughout every building. When the counting came to an end, the number of steps that we calculated throughout the campus is whopping 996. Although we finished counting, we weren’t done with the subject. We decided that walking around these staircases containing 996 steps would be a decent work out. By using a step to calorie converter, we concluded that if a 160 pound person took this walk around the school’s campus, the person would burn 324 calories or more! A 200 pound person would burn 432 calories. Furthermore, if one was taking this walk, they would travel 11,952 inches, 30,358 centimeters, or 303,580 millimeters. Are you up for the challenge?