Skating Panthers take the ice

This year the hockey team has expectations like no other, after hanging with some of the best teams in the state last year. They also won a tournament up in Michigan where hockey is like religion, so they are expecting a very good season. “I feel like our team will do much better this year. Our offense is thriving with A.J. Harvey, Peter Aguilera, and little Nicky (Nick Kollman).” “The defense this year will be much better this year with Dom Marsala, Joel Martini, and me.” “And I cannot forget the staple of the defense Nick Spicker; he is truly the reason why we won multiple games last year saving sometimes up to 50 shots on goal,” said Senior Connor Warman. So it seems as if the Elder skating Panthers are going to make an impact this year especially in the GCL correct? “Yes definitely, we play through the GCL twice so were looking to get a cheering section up to every game this season especially the St. X and LaSalle games because those are huge games,” said Warman. So there it is guys. We need to get the portable pit up to The Gardens and cheer on the skating Panthers.