Ten Tips for Surviving Glenway

We all know Glenway can be a big pain in the butt, from the construction, the jay walkers and the rush hour traffic before and after school. With these ten, easy-to-follow tips I can assure you will live to see Glenway another day. 1. Stay patient. This tip may seem like common sense, but it is an important tip to surviving Glenway. There are always people weaving in and out of traffic during the most hectic times. It is best to just sit back, obey the speed limit, and make sure you make it home safely. 2. Avoid the School/Metro Buses at all costs. Even though the bus drivers are hired off the street with no experience whatsoever, this daunting task is not impossible. The School and Metro Bus drivers are arguably the worst drivers on Glenway, you cannot control their actions. The tip here is, when you do encounter a bus, your vehicle is your only defense and it is on you to control it. 3. Avoid the Jaywalkers. While driving down Glenway, you will come across that occasional ballsy individual that wants to cross the street whenever they want. Whether you are 500 feet away or right about to pass them, they will think they are Superman and want to challenge your 4×4. 4. Watch out for speeders and distracted drivers. It is safe to say that no one observes the speed limit while driving down Glenway, not even the police officers. Also, most people may not even know what the speed limit is! However, there are some drivers that treat Glenway like their personal NASCAR race. Then there are the distracted drivers. It doesn’t matter if they are texting, changing the radio or just looking at the “beautiful” scenery Glenway provides, they are not focusing on the road. 5. Be careful changing lanes. Make sure to always double check before you switch lanes. The first time you check, it may be safe to go, but drivers will appear out of nowhere right when you make your move. My dad found this out the hard way. 6. Drive carefully. Nothing is more valuable than your own life. It is important to not be in a rush. If you drive carefully you will reach your destination safely. Being late is better than being six feet under. 7. Know what lane to be in. This is an underrated, yet crucial tip to surviving Glenway. Depending on what time of day you are driving, there is a specific lane to be in. If you are driving to Elder between 7 and 9 a.m. it is better to be on the right side of the road. During that span, there is no parking in the farthest right lane. Most people do not know this and can be beneficial to you getting to school quicker. After a long, tiring day of school and practice, again it is better to be in the far right lane (opposite of Elder). The reason for this is from 4-6 p.m. this is no parking in that right lane. 8. Watch for garbage. People treat Glenway like it is their personal garbage can, and there is nothing you can do about it. A day doesn’t go by where I see a shoe or another piece of garbage in the street. The tip here is to always have your eyes open and avoid the garbage so you do not injure your car. 9. Know shortcuts. There is always that occasional yayhoo that is not being safe and getting in accidents, holding up traffic. When you approach an accident, it is good to know the back roads. Knowing the back roads will get you home quicker, rather than sitting in the parking lot that Glenway sometimes becomes. 10. Save your breath. This may not make sense, but allow me to explain. Don’t yell expletives while you are driving. Yelling at the bad drivers Glenway throws at you is only going to make you more frustrated. Following these ten easy-to-follow tips will make your experience on Glenway driving to and from Elder safer and less frustrating. Applying these ten tips to your own driving will also decrease the overall frustration Glenway causes in everyone’s commute.