To kill a Bluebird

Coming off a two-game winning streak, the football team was feeling pretty good about how they were playing. But, they were up against Highlands Bluebirds, who had won their last 46 home games. On the opening drive, the Panthers marched downfield but threw an interception in the end zone. Highlands scored after gaining possession on a long run for a touchdown. Elder drove downfield, but settled for a field goal as Matt Murray converted a 36-yarder. Chris Schroer was the next to score as he reached the end zone in the middle of the second quarter. Highlands made a field goal to tie the score 10-10 at halftime. Highlands scored first in the second half. Then Schroer scored on another run tying the game at 17. Schroer then caught fire, as he scored two more times before the Bluebirds responded with a single touchdown. He scored his fifth touchdown with about a minute left in the game, defeating the Bluebirds on their home field, 38-24. Chris Schroer is up for Player of the Week again with 5 TDs (tying Elder’s record for “most rushing touchdowns in a game”) and 259-yards. This week the Panthers take on LaSalle, with home-field advantage in the playoffs on the line for Elder. So make sure you vote for Chris and come cheer on your Panthers as they take on the Lancers at home for Senior night.