Schroer stuns Highlands

Chris Schroer had a record setting performance that led the Elder Panthers to a 38-24 victory over Highlands in the cold drizzle at Highlands Stadium on Friday night. This win snapped a 26 game winning streak for Highlands. (They defeated the Panthers last year in the Pit, 34-29) Schroer’s stats are staggering; 45 carries, 259 yards, and 5 touchdowns. His 45 carries breaks the Elder school record for the number of carries in a single game. The previous record holder was Kyle Koester who had 42 carries against Highlands back in 1999. Schroer also tied our school record for most touchdowns scored in a game, and most rushing touchdowns scored in a game. His performance also earned a nomination for Ohio National Guard Cincinnati High School Player of the week and WCPO Player of the Week. Being at the game, I saw first hand how unstoppable Chris was. He was like a bulldozer through the trenches and lightning when he busted into the secondary. Highlands had no answer for our monster back. Schroer was dragging Highland players with him every time he carried the ball, which was made evident when Schroer had to change jerseys in the middle of the fourth quarter because his was ripped all the way down the back. Hopefully Chris can continue on his rampage and help the Panthers get their seventh win against LaSalle tonight, and then continue a long run into the playoffs. To vote for Chris click the two links below: