Schroer slighted?

The Ohio National Guard player of the week voting does not feature an Elder player this week, but perhaps it should. In the Panthers’ monumental victory against Moeller one player stood out on the offensive side of the ball. Chris Schroer, the Panther tailback, rushed for 141 yards, averaged 4.7 yards per carry, and scored one of two Elder TDs. Moeller has several division one prospects on defense including Michigan State commit Shane Jones. This week’s nominees have not competed against nearly the same caliber of defense, and some didn’t even have as many yards as Schroer. Connor Jansen, the quarterback of Turpin is nominated, and he only threw for 133 yards. The QB at Princeton is nominated with 161 yards combined of passing and rushing. “The way Schroer runs doesn’t show up in stats, and is unbelievable,” said fellow backfield mate Jimmy White. The Moeller defense is at a much higher level than some of the defenses some nominees faced. Moeller held a D-1 prospect in check in their first game against Gilman. Schroer was way more successful. It’s unfortunate that Schroer performed so highly, and was unable to get nominated. Schroer is a great running back, and Elder is lucky to have him.