Move over WNBA, here comes the bikini basketball league

Although some think the WNBA should probably be shown on Comedy Central, let alone on any TV station, it’s going to have to move aside due to a new league on the rise. A Bikini Basketball league is set to kick off in the summer of 2013. Seven teams will be in the league. The teams will have names such as the Chicago Desire, the Orlando Lady Cats, the Miami Spice, and the Los Angeles Ice to name a few. With its debut this summer, it will be in direct competition with WNBA viewers and TV time. Even though the league hasn’t officially signed with a specific carrier, with enough people willing to watch, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a network to sign the new league. With it kicking off in the summer, the nights these games air, it’s probably a safe bet that not a lot of men will be going out. But instead they may be calling over their buddies and just sitting in the basement watching these “games”. Though I personally can’t be sure that guys will be sitting with other guys in their basements kicking back eating corn dogs and watching girls take uncoordinated shots in bikinis, I took it to the halls of Elder to find the real truth. Q: Would you skip a night to go out in the summer to watch one of these games? Craig Roberto : “Obviously, spending quality times with the boys.” Nick Becker : “For sure, I think It would be a he** of a time.” Q: Do you think this league will catch on or just fizzle out? Craig Roberto : “It will catch on no doubt, who wouldn’t want to watch girls in bikinis?” Nick Becker : “These young women would definetly catch on.” Q: Would you buy a ticket for a game if they came in town? Craig Roberto : “Yes, wouldn’t miss it for anything.” Nick Becker : “Yes, I don’t see why not.” I think it’s safe to say, with the results from my interviews, that a lot of people would have no problem wasting a night out to kick back and watch a relaxing game of bikini basketball.