The Fashion Police: New Sheriff in Town

Everyone has been nailed for uniform infractions at least once, but it’s usually from a tenured teacher at this fine establishment. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed one of the young guns at Elder cracking down on the students with un-tucked shirts and illegal sweatshirts, and that is Mr. Jameson. Mr. Jameson has caught me with an illegal sweatshirt on about sixty times so far this year. When one thinks of a teacher that cracks down on the dress code one thinks of Mr. Lewis or Mr. Breide, not Mr. Jameson. When asked why he was cracking down on the dress code he said “I am not cracking down on the dress code, I am consistent with last year”. Also when asked if he has any repeat offenders he nails constantly he said “Mr. Bill Macke and Kevin Johnson”. I asked myself about Mr. Jameson’s bold comments and I had to say that “well I like to wear my sweatshirt and feel comfortable, is that too much to ask?” My comments were extremely reasonable, but that might be a little biased. I asked Mr. Jameson if the teacher s had any extra incentive to tell kids to tuck in their shirts and he said “I can neither confirm nor deny the $20 bonus I get for every shirt that gets tucked in at Elder”. After hearing that bit by Mr. Jameson I find it no surprise that the teachers crack down so hard, 20 bucks goes a long way in today’s economy, but I digress. Overall following the dress code at Elder isn’t that hard, but sometimes we Panthers want to be comfortable in our sweatshirt or un-tucked polo.