Pep Rally Video

Many students and faculty probably wonder why I have spent the last two pep rallies standing down by the speakers with an iPod in my hand. Why not just sit back and relax after the day in school and enjoy the entertainment? Well, for one thing, I am trying to show my journalism guys that it is really easy to shoot, edit and upload video to the internet and that if an old guy like me can figure it out, then maybe they should be trying to do some “journalism” like this, too. For another, I guess I am trying to relive a little of my high school years. You see, when I was a junior at McNicholas in 1974, we had a great basketball team. I was a student reporter who kept stats and called the game report into the Cincinnati Enquirer. (usually from a phone booth after the game, before going to the local hang out) I went to all the games and our team made it upstate that year.(though we lost in the state finals) Being a high school junior, just going to the games wasn’t enough. I started a cheering section at McNick that pales in comparison with Elder’s “rage cage” but none the less, we had some original cheers and always ended up with no voice after every game. I even recall that one of my classmates brought her original T-shirt (that I designed) to our 25th class reunion in the year 2000. We were called the ROCKET ROUTS and although our spirit doesn’t match what I see here at Elder, we were proud of our team. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope to help you guys remember your days here at Elder with these posted videos. These are great times and the spirit evident in these videos might help you explain to others what this Purple Nation is all about. Click below to view the videos: The first one is the pre-rally walk up with some cheers and the awards to Drew Lammers and Max Mazza. The second video is of the skit. Make sure you listen all the way to the end to hear the echo of “Elder” off the building right as the video ends. Enjoy, Panthers.