Elder Frosh Game Ends in Stunning Fashion.

September 26 th 2012, the freshman Panthers get their first taste of GCL rival St.Xavier. The Panthers score on their first drive with a big 70 yard touchdown run by Ja’varhi Portis. Then, up 14-0, the Panthers push the lead to a 21 after a big 45 yard touchdown from Peyton Ramsey to Malik Wilkerson. But the Bombers would come back. With the St. Xavier heart, bad refs, and an unfair time keeper, the Panthers find themselves tied with the Bombers 21-21 with 0:03 left in rregulation. Sitting in the stands everyone was preparing for overtime. The Panthers came out with one last play. Ramsey drops back and rolls out of the pocket and throws the deep ball. ” I just threw a pick and now I have to make a tackle,” Ramsey thought when he threw it. Robby Oswald, wide receiver, said, “I saw it was under thrown so I ran up, then I realized it was about to be tipped so I stepped back.” The ball was tipped by a St. X defender and landed in Oswald’s hands. He broke a tackle and scored to win the game as time expired. Thecrowd when nuts as the entire Elder bench cleared and swarmed Oswald in the endzone. “I got up and ran straight to the end zone” said Ramsey. Oswald said it was, “Unreal, felt like a dream,” when he crossed the goal line. The frosh faced a real test of adversity, but got really lucky with a Hail Mary.So next time St.X, watch out. Sometimes prayers are answered.