Elder Look-Alikes

Strolling through the halls of this fine establishment one morning, I happened to notice that a particular student looked so much like a particular celebrity I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. For the rest of that day, all I did was look around, observe, and what I found was so many of us here at Elder share looks with those of Hollywood and elsewhere in the national spotlight. Although some are closer than others, some still have to be noted. After compiling a quick list in my O-fficial journalist’s notepad, I fired up my more or less computer and took to the Google machine. I found numerous pictures of the stars or even notable faces, and looked through until I saw that one shot that went perfect. Some side by sides might not be dead on, but remember these guys and next time you pass them in the hall, if you get them at the right angle, you’ll see it. So, with all this, I give you Elder’s all new Look Alikes. All in good fun, enjoy.