BLACKOUT! AJBurdine ‘13 History once again has been made at Elder this pastweek. But the history wasn’t made from one individual. Over 600 studentspurchased these shirts within a few days notice. Mr. Reiring, English teacher here at Elder, saidthese blackout shirts have sold the most he has ever seen in all the years he’staught at Elder. The last event to sell more was the ‘’Westside GoesWorldwide’’, shirts but they weren’t conducted by the student council. That’salmost two-thirds of the student body that will be wearing these shirts Fridaynight. Mr. Reiring thanked artist Andy Meyer, the mainartist, along with Jeff Harpenau and Zak Ryan for their hard work on thesegreat shirts. To me, this is a pretty big deal. Friday night atthe Pit playing the St. Xavier Bombers is as good as it gets. As the Panthersstorm the field, I can’t wait to see the Bombers faces in fear of the roaringblack crowd of Elder students in the cheering section. Senior Blake Hughey, who is commonly known as anhonor student and a baseball player, has surprised many with his Elder spiritat the last few homes games leading the cheering section. “Everyone beingcovered in black will make the cheering section stand out. It will look sweet.” I totally agree. When the cheering section startsscreaming the shoulder-to-shoulder cheer covered in black, people will knowElder football is back.