X Week Pep Rally Preview

Imagine this Panthers; two of Elder’s eastside freshmen were on their way home from school after another Purple Friday. Being driven by an honorable senior, these freshmen experienced something one wouldn’t even wish upon their worst enemy; they were abducted by a group of cocky, ignorant Bombers. What occurs from this point on is scary, and downright absurd. These young Elder Panthers will undergo abuse, physically and mentally. They will be brained-washed with annoying cheers, and their overall Elder Spirit will be tested. However, along the way, the young lads of Elder will have a little support from the “Dark side”. The famous Elder Panther will be transformed to the “E-vator” (the Black Panther) and will attempt to save Elder’s freshman. In the end, will the Panthers survive the brutal beatings? Or will the obnoxious “Bomb Squad” get the best of these EHS freshmen. The Elder Spirit Committee’s presentation of this rally will occur tomorrow, 1:50 P.M., in the horseshoe of the Pit. Get your Elder Purple out to the Pit and be loud! BEAT X Cast Narrator: Andy Meyer St. Xavier Kids: Tyler Loebker, Nick Lanza, Scott Maurer, and Connor McCollough Elder freshman: Sam Kwiatkowski and Greg Suer Elder senior: Trent Younts Bomb Squad: Johnny Lane, Bill Macke, Joey Maly, Sam Weddle, and Kevin Luegers Panther: Matt Murray E-Vator: Hayden Cook Elder Students: Jake Niehaus, Blaise Weber, Clay Benjamin, and D.J. Burke Director: Mr. Reiring