Computer Problems

Many students have been complaining about their tablets lately, and I wanted to find out whether or not these tablets are being put to good use. The complaints mainly come from the Junior class, but Freshmen and Sophomores have also had their fair share of problems. Many of these problems are common computer problems, such as internet connection problems. Some problems, however, are caused because of the students. The help desk has taken many steps to help keep students off so called, “inappropriate websites,” but there are always kids who find a way to break through security. I interviewed the members of the help desk about the laptops, and they assured me that the problems with the laptops are minor. They said that the main problems with the laptops are, “viruses, or the wireless not working.” I asked them if they thought the tablets would be useful after being used for four years, and they said yes. While technology is always changing, the tablets might be outdated, but they will still be useful for taking notes and typing up papers. Another thing that the help desk told me was that each year, the computers that incoming freshman receive are getting more upgrades than the year before. The computers are getting better and hopefully in five years they will be a regular part of Elder High School. I also decided to interview a freshman, Sean Cunningham, to see how he felt about the laptops. He told me, “They’re fun and easy to take notes with.” He also told me that they sometimes can be distracting. “A lot of students play games on the computers”. With access to the internet and game sites, kids will always find a way around blocked websites. While these computers have some problems, they are overall a useful tool in the classroom. The computers are improving each year, and Elder is becoming more technology friendly because of these tablets.