DJ Schloemer : New Kid On the Block

Who is this Schloemer guy? Many Elder students saw him as their math teacher on their schedules at schedule pick up day, but had no idea who he was. I wanted to dig deep to really find out who the real Mr. Schloemer is. I asked a homeroom student of Mr. Schloemer, Nick Antone, about his new homeroom teacher. Nick said that his first impression of Mr. Schloemer was “That he was a pretty cool guy, but he doesn’t talk that much.” One of Mr. Schloemer’s students, Josh Patty, stated that Mr. Schloemer taught very well and that he is a clown in class and makes his students laugh. I interviewed Schloemer after math class to get to know him better. I started out with the classic question, “What is your favorite part about Elder?” He responded, “When I’m at Elder, I always feel like I am at home. It is great to be back.” Schloemer is back for his second run here at Elder, he previously taught here eleven years ago. He said that so far his classes are awesome and are going fairly well. Schloemer said that his favorite kind of math is Calculus, and that he played CYO soccer in high school. I asked him what unique talents he has and he said, “I am pretty good at Fruit Ninja on the Wii, but my kids beat me. I play the flute, and can beat up Mr. Oberjohann 12 days out of the week.” For those who aren’t students of Mr. Schloemer, you wouldn’t guess that he was a part-time DJ. His professional name is Two Guys & One Mike. His students prefer calling him by another DJ name, which he preferred not be mentioned in this article. Overall, Mr. Schloemer is a great new addition to the Elder Math Department, and the Elder Family.