The Rage Cage

Everybody and their grandmother know about the notorious Elder cheering section recently dubbed “The Rage Cage” by D.J Burke ’13. When it comes to the cheering section, there is something special about it. The spirit that is put forward by our cheering section is a special thing that even some colleges can’t match. To help prove my point, I caught up with senior quarterback Josh Moore and asked him what got him pumped up and ready to get a “W” for his team. I asked, “What is your favorite thing about the cheering section?” He answered, “The loudness. I’ve seen some serious teams get rattled and need to waste a timeout because they can’t hear anything.” I then asked him what his favorite cheer was. He answered, “The Nani Nani, hands down.” But enough with the offensive stand point. I caught up with a force of the defense, Marc McGeorge. I asked him, “How does the cheering section help you mid game?” He said, “It gets me pumped. ” He added that he especially loves it “when I rock somebody and they chant ‘Who’s your daddy?’ and everybody goes nuts.” So let’s help out these fellow Panthers this season and get rowdy.