You know what really grinds my gears!?

1. TV comedy shows such as That 70’s Show , when every other word or phrase that is said during the show, the audience laughs! I find this really annoying because that is basically the only thing you hear when you’re watching the show. 2. Josh Moore… he is just one of those kids you want to hit in the face every time he says something. I say this because Josh has absolutely zero common sense. For example, Josh once asked Coach Ramsey if he could throw the ball to Joe when he was unguarded fifty yards down the field! Another example of Josh being stupid would have to be when we were driving past the movie theatre and Josh decided to scream out at some kids, while his window was up… come on now, Josh. 3. Whenever I walk past a picture frame hanging on the wall, I always check to see if it is straight. If it’s not, I seriously take the time to stop and fix it. That is one of the little things that grind my gears. I don’t have OCD, but that for sure bothers me. 4. Doing a brick sheet, in my opinion, is the worst thing to do after a long day of school. One time I had to do two brick sheets. As I was getting closer and closer to finishing, I felt like my hand was going to fall off. This really made me mad, so I “accidently” broke my pencil. It is just a complete waste of time and I just really hate doing it! 5. When you’re taking a test and everyone thinks they need to snort and cough all at once. Most of the time people aren’t even sick but they just do it anyway. This bothers me because I can’t concentrate on my test and I already have ADD. So once people start making noises, it really throws me off. So please if you’re not sick, don’t make noises during a test!