Portable Pit

As we all know, the Pit is one of the biggest, loudest, and most scenic stadiums in the state and even the country. But there are some away games where the location is too far for most panthers to make the long trek to follow the team. Now there are a few men who would travel the world for any Elder football game. Because of this, I would like to recognize those who took the two hour drive to watch the first half of the Elder vs Upper Arlington last Friday. Those members of the “Portable Pit” are Jake Niehaus, Sam Kwiatkowski, Seth Mason, Brennen Walsh, Johnny Lane, Mike Caroway, LeeLutz, Chris Liesering, Nick Beard, Nick Kollman, Ian Sullivan, Alex Kloepfer, Ian Gennings, John Hartfield, Tyler Loebker, Michael Nusekable, Marc Mazza, Justin Tebbe, Mike Jones, Luke Stolze, Sam Weddle, Connor Warman, and any others who I failed to mentioned. “As a senior, I don’t want to miss a football game,” says Kloepfer. I asked if there was a certain pride? “Oh yeah, for sure. It’s the Portable Pit!” Kwiatkowski added, “Supporting the team, that’s how I look at it.” Now it was not just seniors, junior Mazza went to the game and said he liked seeing some of the juniors getting into the game. When it comes to pride he said “I felt a little better about myself.” These men showed their support, took the long drive, and like the starters, left after the first half. We can’t give a Dr. Phil Award every week because of games like these that are two hours away. As a member on the football team I think I speak for the team when I say thank you to all the members of the portable pit.