“Rage Cage”

The Elder cheering section, also known as the rage cage, is the strength of our Elder Panthers on the field, and a hassle to the Panther’s victims. Some people just sit on the outside of the cheering section wondering why these kids enjoy screaming cheers across the field, and in some cases ask us why we enjoy embarrassing ourselves. To help these outsiders of the cheering section I interviewed some inside sources of the people from the middle of the cheering section, and a source from the field. The first question that was portrayed, to the Elder Panthers Boss position, Tony Mazza was, does the cheering section have a large affect on the defense on the field? He responded, “It helps us get pumped up when maybe were having a rough streak on the field and need a little boost.” Secondly I asked him what cheer he likes the most. The response I got from Tony was “probably nani nani” Lastly I asked Tony what game you are looking forward to the most. He responded, “Mostly X, because we have a big rivalry against them and know alot of the kids on the team.” After getting an inside scoop from a person on the field I took it straight to the source to get insights on why we do what we do in the cheering section. I pulled Lee Lutz from a class to interview him on why we get so rowdy in the cheering section. I first asked him just why? Why do what you do in the section? He looked at me with a stern face and nonchalantly answered with, “Why not? Getting rowdy is a way of life for me and I don’t think that tradition will be ending soon.” I also asked what motivates him to go to every home game and cheer. Lee answered with, “There’s nothing like supporting the Panthers and watching them come home with a win.” Lastly I asked him which game he’s looking forward to most. He immediately answered, “ST.X, no doubt.” Whether on the field or in the cheering section, it’s almost impossible to explain why we do what we do to a person outside the Elder family. Until a person experiences it for themselves I don’t think you can fully grasp what we do in the “rage cage.”