Best Record In Baseball

People who walked around downtown Cincy saying the Reds would soon be the best team in baseball three years ago were not only thought to be drunk but also mentally insane. Before “The Votto Era”, the Reds were just another team in the majors; ending season upon season about five games under .500. It seemed as if things would never get better, however, that was not the case. The Reds now have the best record in baseball, and as the first team to reach 80 wins and leading their division by 8.5 games, they’re definitely a front runner to win the World Series this year. Since the All-star break, the Reds are 35-15, and they have acquired a ten game win streak and multiple sweeps. However, since most of the teams they have played have a sub .500 record, the Reds are still receiving little to no recognition by the national media. I think everyone would admit that if the Reds played with “New York” written across their chests this wouldn’t be the case. But as an average budget team, they are underrated. ESPN mentions the Reds about as much as the Astros (the worst team in baseball). This underrating won’t last long if the Reds can finish out the year strong and keep it going into the playoffs with a top rank in the National League. Joey Votto has returned to the the lineup along side Brandon Phillips and the best bullpen in the majors. The Reds’ future success depends on how they finish. If the playoffs resemble anything like the season I think we will have the World Series champions as our hometown team. Jimmy White, a baseball fanatic, was asked what he thinks about the Reds chances of winning the World Series this year. He said, “The Reds have nothing holding them back, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t bring home the trophy.” The team has talented pitchers in Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos. The Cuban Missille anchors the bullpen and Votto is the leader in the field. Not to mention the fact that the Reds have a possible rookie of the year on their hands with Todd Frazier. I asked Ian Sullivan his thoughts on possible rookie of the year Todd Frazier. Ian said, “Todd is amazing, he does everything from top ten catches in the field to homeruns at the plate, Frazier just gets it done.” We’ll have to wait patiently and see but it looks good right now. In just a few months, the fans that were once considered insane might be considered geniuses. Are the 2012-2013 Reds the next Big Red Machine? I think so, do you?