Is Obama Taking Our Fries?

Whether she knows it or not, Michelle Obama has made many food decisions that affect students in the U.S.A. She has played a major role in getting rid of king size candy bars, sodas over 16 oz. in New York, and possibly removing fries from everyday servings in the cafeteria here at Elder High School. If you haven’t noticed the complete lack of fried deliciousness in our lunchroom, then get out from underneath that rock. I decided there needed to be some digging done about this situation, so I talked to some trustworthy resources. I first approached Coach Giessler about this French fry situation. Coach said that “regulations are in place to keep fries from being served every day” and that “it will help kids make healthier food choices.” This got me thinking as an investigative journalist. What are these “regulations”, and is Obama the cause of them? While I was digging and getting the scoop, I found that Ohio Senate Bill 210 has put restrictions on what Elder can serve its panthers before, during, and after school. This is quite shocking and uncalled for, but Coach Bengel told me otherwise. Coach Bengel informed me that the deep frying the potatoes undergo is unhealthy and too salty. Coach Giessler and Coach Bengel informed me fries were too unhealthy to be served every day, so I went to the source of the fries, the lunch ladies. I talked to Berty and Angie. They both told me that the fries were unhealthy and shouldn’t be served every day. Angie was also my informant on the Senate Bill that banned fries from everyday service, so this fries thing isn’t just an Elder problem. It’s a state wide problem that was brought on by the nationwide health reform. This reform was started by Mrs.Obama, so you be the judge of who took away our Elder fries.