Glorious gadgets of 2015


HocoLens allows this man to see a virtual world.

If you were born in today’s generation the adage you’ve grown up with is that newer is always better. We can’t help this because the intellectual minds of the world today produce new and improved gadgets every day. If you have yet to see some of these new innovations here is a preview of just a sampling of the newest technology available.

First off we have the MOCA heart. This 7 mm device is designed to track the health of your heart over time. How it works is you press your finger on the reader for 25 seconds and from their the gadget will give you your blood oxygen, heart rate, and blood flow. The way you see these  numbers is by syncing the device with an app on your phone. The app allows you to track your heart health overtime and allows you to share your information if need be. Click here to see a video of how MOCA heart works


A second gadget that has come out this year is the Microsoft Surface Book. Microsoft has redefined the laptop-tablet world with their new Surface Book. It transforms into three different configurations to allow the experience of the Surface Book to be out of this world. There is the powerful laptop mode, the portable clipboard, or the creative canvas. Click here to check out all of the bells and whistles of the new Surface Book.


Next we have a little something called the Trunkster. This is personally my favorite of the inventions and is very useful. The Trunkster is everything you want/need in a suitcase. It has a sliding door instead of a zipper for more efficient packing. It also has a USB port to charge your phone. Now this is obviously something that we all need as we are sitting in the airport. We also know the struggle of wondering how heavy your luggage is. Worry no more, with the Trunkster there is a built in scale to make sure you never go over the weight limit. Finally it also has a built in GPS device that you can hook up to your phone in case of lost luggage. Click here to watch the unique minds who came up with this ultimate suitcase.


Another gadget is something called the HoloLens. These are goggles/glasses that provide a reality world. It’s essentially a holographic computer that allows you to feel as if you are in a virtual world through high-definition holograms. This device allows you to place yourself in a holographic location where everything seems realistic due to the holograms being visualized in real spaces. This is a very useful device that has allowed companies such as car manufacturers look at their models in a 3D setting. It could make for more safer vehicles and efficient everyday items with the use of the HocoLens.


The final device is the Sensel Morph touchpad. This is like a track pad on steroids. You can draw, write, paint, and many more activities on this unique device. This device has an abundant of ways to use it and allows you to be creative in the ways that you use it. It can be used as a traditional keyboard but if you get bored with that than the exceptional touch pad can do much more. It can be used as a piano, a video game controller, a tablet, a drum. Basically anything you can think of that involves hands on activity this touch pad can get it done. Click here to see the interaction involved with this incredible evolution of the track pad.



As you can see the world we live in is constantly evolving with new technology year after year. These devices that have recently been released are a great example of efficient inventions that serve a good purpose to the community. If you see something you like now would be the time to start putting it on your Christmas list. There are a lot of cool items out there and there are also many more to come in the future.

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