Letter to Bearcat fans

After a string of heartbreaking losses, and a terrible football season. Bearcat fans on, The Quill, try to keep your hopes up. Try…


photoshop of Tuberville and Cronin by Jacob Geiser

“The Boys” haven’t had the best 2015 and 2016.

Three members of our staff, Donovan Hester, Joey Dowd and myself have a letter for the Bearcat fans out there. It may bring some unwanted Deja Vu…

The 2015 football and basketball seasons had so much hope and promise. Well that hope and promise has come with the most excruciating losses, and heartbreak.

The football team went 7-6, got smacked by teams like USF, and San Diego St. Gunner Kiel had a bad year, and went through some personal matters. They lost Eddie Gran and Darin Hinshaw to UK. Not a good year for them. Fans came after Tuberville on Twitter, wanting him fired, I did too at times. However, it won’t happen. Changes need to be made within the football program. I’m sick of talking about their awful year.

I will move to the now, 2016. Bearcat Basketball. Losses feature: Butler (Buzzer Beater), Xavier (Outplayed), Iowa State (Buzzer Beater), Temple (Awful loss),  and SMU (13-2 run to end the game)

For me,  if the Bearcats can finish against Butler, Iowa State, and SMU, they are 14-2 and in the top 25. they would not  be scrambling for resume builders in the first week of conference play. Yeah, the team that could make a run to the Final Four is a bubble team at best. They have one, ONE game against a top 75 RPI team. It is SMU to end the year. UConn will be a good team to play, along with Memphis, and Houston. That is it. No one else is good, can’t help the resume. Those teams will help. UC is in desperation mode, they have to be. It is either win the regular season title, or the conference tournament OR, watch the NCAA tournament from the couch.

For the fans saying it is Mick’s fault? It isn’t. Sure, there could be some better coaching at times.

For the Bearcats to be successful, that can't happen against top 15 teams.
For the Bearcats to be successful, that can’t happen against top 15 teams.

However, he can’t hold the players hands in the last five minutes of the game. They are Division I college basketball players, they shouldn’t need that. There is no clear leader. Caupain is for ¾ of the game, until the last four minutes when he doesn’t want to take the last shot. Newsflash, that isn’t good news for the point guard. Gary Clark is a beast. Feed him the ball every single time. No one could slow him down on SMU’s court, yet he doesn’t get the touches in the last three minutes of the game. Aside from Clark and Cobb, no one shot well in the second half. No one.

That is not a very good stat for the Cats, here are some tweets from fans after the game.

It has been rough, the losses have been so incredibly painful. I don’t know why I keep putting myself through it. If things don’t change, UC may not be dancing come March, which I don’t want.

I may die of heartbreak from these losses, I won’t lie. No matter the outcome, sadly, I’m still going to be a diehard Bearcat fan. 2016 got off to a rough start, hopefully it changes.

Bearcats Fan,


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