Introducing the 2019-20 2nd semester staff power rankings

2019-20 2nd semester staff power rankings

May 14, 2020

It’s a tradition like no other, The Purple Quill semester power rankings. While this has no real mea...

Elder Football 2019

Elder Football 2019: a season to be remembered

May 14, 2020

As there hasn't been a whole lot to do because of COVID-19, it's very easy to look back and reminisce...

Dapping Szn

Carmine Domenicone '20, Jake Byrne '20, and Nicholas Seger '20

April 29, 2020

In their final video for the Purple Quill, seniors Carmine Domenicone, Jake Byrne, and Nicholas Seger demonstrate their dexterity by performing handshakes around the campus of Elder. The video is complete with blooper footage, filmed by Dakota Postel, and narrated by the manly voice of Nicholas Seger. We hope you enjoy a few la...

District 3 police station which is located at,
2300 Ferguson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Law enforcement sees employees affected by COVID-19

April 26, 2020

While the US is still under COVID-19’s grasp, the ones going out and protecting us during this time are s...

Here's why graduation at the Pit should be here to stay

Why graduation at the Pit is great enough to stay

April 26, 2020

Obviously, this whole pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, the Elder community being no exception....

The closing of Urbana University forces Sam Hargett '19 to find a new home

The closing of Urbana University forces Sam Hargett ’19 to find a new home

April 23, 2020

Sam Hargett '19 was at Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio playing volleyball. Hargett's freshman season...

Food supplied from locals for families in need

Not negative news about Corona

April 9, 2020

Dating back to last month, all anyone has heard about is the spread of coronavirus and the negative effects...

The LEGO Saturn V. Which is close to what Kyle's rocket ship looks like, as Kyle stated.

Life-Size Lego rocket ship set to go into space

April 1, 2020

As I’m sure most people have heard about the company Lego and most would say that they are fun. I just recently bought a small Lego set and built it with my girlfriend, and I forgot how much fun they were to build. But have you ever seen how “Master Lego builders” have built life-size planes and human figures? Well if so does it shock you to hear tha...

The Elder Library. A commonplace for students during study hall

The Study Hall Hall of Fame

March 18, 2020

One of the parts of the school day that a student looks forward to is study hall, if they have one. It...

Not quite staff members, but students that would've made good ones

(Almost) Staff Writers

March 17, 2020

The Purple Quill staff members take a sense of pride in the fact that they produce content on a monthly...

Hope Squad making immediate impact

Hope Squad making immediate impact

February 18, 2020

Earlier this year, Elder students were introduced to Hope Squad. Hope Squad is a designated group...

Seton's Stench

Seton’s Stench

February 5, 2020

Making the hike from Elder to Seton is a short one, but it requires you to walk across the bridge at...

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