One in 8 Billion


Something that has recently fascinated me is the thought of just how many people are on Earth.

Vast quantities of humans just going about their lives everyday with the great majority of them going unnoticed by you. Now, imagine that you are in a crowed food court. You are among hundreds of strangers that you will probably never know. Realize that each person there has their own hopes, dreams, and life story.

There is so much information about these people you will never know. It does not matter and really has no direct effect on you. They are just filler providing a backdrop to your life like extras in a movie. It is just an interesting thought.

So many people who we come across in life will only cross our path for a moment. Filling in the extra space in our days. This realization feels odd, but it is completely normal. There is no way we could get to know everyone we come across.

Everyone has a life story. There are so many backgrounds people can come from that it is undisputable that every person has a unique story and is striving for their own goals. It is natural for humans to create close circles of family and friends who they have most of their personal interactions with.

On the other side of this comes more forced interactions. This can come in the form of food service workers, retail workers, or anyone who people must talk to gain an item or service.

If you did decide to buy McDonalds, you then are forced to talk to someone you would have never interacted with otherwise. Things like this happen in our everyday life. The people we come across behind the cashiers’ counters seem to only exist in our lives to give us service. In their life we are just people they have to help because that is what they are being paid to do. Both you and the cashier can be on two very different paths with drastically different life stories.

At the end of the day all of this is just a thought. It does not matter, no one will ever be able to know every single person on earth besides God. Be aware of all these people walking past you though, take a moment to think what kind of journey they might be on. Try to step away form being the main character in your life every once in a while and say hello to some of the unknown people that you cross paths with. You never know, you could make a friend.