Technology is full of pros and cons


I phone takes over

Technology is taking over.

It’s no secret that technology has taken over the world in today’s era. Everything we do can be done over the phone or on the computer. But it’s not only technology itself, but social media apps. Kids/teenagers are always on social media platforms. They see things happen before the news even puts it out. That is how quickly people post on social media. The way social media/technology is used today is a good and bad thing.

Technology and social media usually can be used for the better. For example, if you need to know about something happening as soon as possible, you just type it in to Google and it pops up instantly. Even if you couldn’t catch the news last night, you can watch it live after the fact. For social media, it can be a good thing because you are able to communicate with your friends at any time. You can also see what they have been doing recently, or even at that exact moment. Obviously, everything has its pros and cons, and social media and technology has its pros, but has its cons also.

Technology and social media can be a good thing but can also be a very dangerous thing as well. For example, with technology, you have access to anything and everything. That can be a good thing but it’s dangerous also. It’s dangerous mostly for children. Parents usually don’t like their children looking at inappropriate things over the internet or people getting killed or just watching all the crimes people are committing out there.

With technology, children and teens can watch all of that. It can really scare a child and give them bad anxiety of what really is happening in the world. Now for social media, that is a very dangerous tool, it is good because it allows you to see what your friends are doing, but it’s dangerous because recent studies show that people are bullying each other behind a screen. They are saying hurtful things, or even posting an embarrassing photo of someone else for the whole world to see. There definitely are more pros and cons for using social media and technology as well.

The number of benefits for using social media and technology are endless. But obviously everything is going to have some side effects. The side effects listed in the article are a very small amount of bad coincidence. The good definitely overwhelms the bad, and that’s the good news. I do believe in the near future, technology can become a dangerous weapon, but if we all stop using it the wrong way and use it for more productive things like for work, school, or communication, it would be a big stress relief for all.