Make the Most of Elder

Reflection and advice from a not too distant grad



I love this place.

This should come as no surprise to people that know me or anything about me. This place is awesome. Elder has afforded me so many different opportunities that I would’ve most likely not gotten anywhere else. I was able to discover my love for broadcasting. I got to experience a state title game in a sport that has been my life for the past 15 years. I have made countless friends and memories that I will bring with me into my adult life.

Now, for the most part, it is over. Four years. 16 quarter. Roughly 160 weeks. Over. They aren’t lying when they say it flies by. All there is to do is look back, enjoy, and help the next generation build the same experiences that I was blessed with.

I figured there was no better time than now to try to pass on the knowledge and advice that I have. I want to break this down into three sections. I will focus on my athletic, academic, and social journeys.

Here I am playing ball this year

ATHLETICS – Elder sports have been my life for the last four years. Whether it has been baseball or football, I have spent countless hours perfecting my craft trying to get back to a state title game. I think I gave it my all. Hell, I broke both collarbones because I loved the game of football so much.

There is only one piece of advice I would give the younger grades at Elder. Don’t let the pressure of varsity sports take you over. Trust all the work you have put in. Trust the grind. It will pay off. You do not have to be anyone else. You wouldn’t be on the team if the coach didn’t think you had the ability. Confidence is key. If a coach sees the confidence, they cannot sit you.

ACADEMICS – I honestly do not think Elder gets enough credit for the academic institution that it is.

Here I am at Open House

While Elder has always been a respected school, the faculty and staff do not get enough credit for the environment they put the kids into. I feel like I have had ample opportunity to learn in a nurturing environment.

The one piece of advice I can give when it comes to academics is to respect your teachers. There have been so many stories of kids actin-a-fool throughout this school year. Your teachers don’t deserve that. They are devoting their lives to your betterment. They want to give you every chance that they had to succeed in the world.

Here I am after interviewing Boomer

SOCIAL LIFE – Elder is extracurriculars. There is something for everybody. That was my favorite point to harp on when I would talk to the shadows in the morning. If you can’t find something you like, you aren’t looking hard enough. You have heard it once and you will hear it again: GET INVOLVED.

My one piece of advice on this would be don’t spread yourself too thin. Be a key player in whatever it is you do. Be the best at something. Run for leadership. Spend your time up at 3900 Vincent Ave. You won’t regret it. Trust me, I don’t.

I will be leaving in about a month. That reality still has not completely set in. However, I am not sad. I am excited for what is next. I think that I have left Elder in a better place than what I found it in.

I love this place. I hope you guys do too.