Kerr keeps winning

How has Steve Kerr won so much both as a player and a coach?

Kerr keeps winning


Kerr and Jordan exchange fists in a friendly manor
Kerr and Jordan exchange fists in a friendly manor

At this point the name Steve Kerr is synonymous with winning. Take a look at his decorated playing career and see this guy’s accomplishments. Now he did have help from Jordan but MJ hasn’t been there to help him in his coaching career. Kerr is now the only person in NBA history to be a part of the two most winning seasons in the sport.

Kerr was a sharpshooting guard on the ’95 bulls team who went 72-10, and went on to win the finals. That team is arguably the best basketball team of all time.

Nowadays Steve does a little coaching. On Wednesday April 13th, hwhy is team, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 125-104 behind Curry’s 46 points. Kerr knew how to shoot the ball but even he has to gawk in awe at Steph’s 400 threes for the season. Kerr has engraved his name in basketball history, but why is he so successful?

Senior Jared Marsh has been following the Warriors for a little over four years now. He thinks you can attribute Kerr’s success to his ability to handle talent. “He obviously inherited this team and Curry, but you can tell he knows to manage a superstar and use him to the best of his ability.”

Steve has been around talent before, he played alongside MJ. So he’s used to being around the greatest. I personally think it’s Steve’s toughness that makes him successful. Steve played with a chip on his shoulder. He was a hardnosed, talented player. One story that I personally love, and one you may have heard of is the story of him punching Michael Jordan. Mj and 175 pound Kerr exchanged some trash talk while scrimmaging. Kerr said something the GOAT didn’t like and he took a punch to the face from him.

Kerr said, “It was one of the best things that ever happened for me, I needed to stand up and go back at him, I think I earned some respect. But we have a great relationship ever since… you gotta prove it and then once you prove it, you’re fine. (quote taken from NBC sports). You can tell Kerr is  a respectable, tough coach who knows the game. It shows through his team’s success.

Now Kerr did inherit a pretty solid team but he has molded them into a winning machine. 73 wins a season, are you kidding me? That’s unheard of. Personally I wasn’t born early enough to watch the ’95 Bulls but I think teams did play more defense back then. They would foul Jordan hard constantly, trying to put him on his back as much as possible. The game is more pretty now and most players pride themselves on scoring rather than defense. That doesn’t take away from the historic season the Warriors have had. My bold prediction is I think the Spurs will beat them in a seven game series, but we shall see. Either way Kerr knows how to win and it’s been fun to watch him do it.


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