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taken from the Elder Photos website

District Champs

September 18, 2020

The 2019 district champion soccer team was one of the best Elder soccer teams in recent memory. This ...

Clyde Edwards-Helaire in first NFL game

Hey Rookie

September 18, 2020

The 2020-2021 NFL season is upon us, and with all NFL seasons there is a new batch of rookies ready to...

Elder's Portable Pit is the traveling version of the famous Elder student cheering section. It needs to be on full display for this week's playoffs.

Portable Pit

November 13, 2019

The Pit doesn't just stay in Price Hill, especially not in the Playoffs. Playoff Week 2: A GCL re-match...

Playoff rankings are out

Playoff rankings are out

November 12, 2019

On Tuesday, November 5 the official college football playoff rankings came out, and with seven teams...

Kendall Waston Celebrates the opening goal at Nippert Stadium vs. Portland on Mar 17, 2019

FC Cincinnati: names to watch during the off season

October 31, 2019

FC Cincinnati have completed their first season in Major League Soccer and their worst season ev...

Common things to do in the fall season

Lukas Marlman '21, Staff Writer

October 7, 2019

Fall seems to be most people’s favorite season, I guess its because we can finally bring out the hoodies and the sweat pants. But what activities can you do in the fall? Because it seems like the summer activities we do, aren’t able to be done during the fall. Also, in the fall, summer sports are just finishing up li...

Tim Finley ('18) says that Elder helped prepare him for his full schedule at the Merchant Marine Academy.

Finley’s full days at the Merchant Marine Academy

September 18, 2019

As previously mentioned in Carmine’s article about Gunnar Wall, six brave men in Elder’s 2019 class...

Behind the lines: Football managers Kock and Bailey

Behind the lines: Football managers Kock and Bailey

September 16, 2019

When the Panthers take the field to play against a team, you may think that all of the stuff needed to...

Holding a controller again while revisiting some classic games of my youth.

Best childhood video games trigger great memories

September 12, 2019

If you were like me when I was a little guy, you’d spend the summer playing outside and then go inside...

There are several celebrity appearances during this show including this one featuring Marshawn Lynch.

Will the greatest sports sitcom ever return?

September 10, 2019

Fantasy football has begun and students all around Elder High School have been non-stop checking their...

Cheering section performing the famous 'Nani Nani' before a game in 2017

Friday nights best themes

September 6, 2019

Friday Nights under the lights are finally here. The student section goes crazy every game while cheering on their teammates, and friends on the field. It is a great atmosphe...

Students predictions on in-state rivalry

Students predictions on in-state rivalry

September 6, 2019

Ladies and gents, the time has finally come. After a five year hiatus, the Buckeyes have hesitantly...

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