Kammerer’s road to recovery

Chris Kammerer has had quite the senior year with many obstacles in-between. It has been a challenging year for Chris to say the least. Back in the last week of the regular season in football, Chris had a devastating injury which caused the defense to lose one of its key components. With Nicholas Paff already out with a torn ACL, losing Chris as well is not what the Panthers envisioned in the closing weeks of the 2021 football season. Once this happened to Kammerer, many of the Elder football players had to step up with two of the most experienced defensive players sidelined.

Kammerer’s road back to getting healthy was not always easy, but his journey has helped him develop in many ways. Chris said, “The hardest part about my injury was missing out on my senior year playoff games and being stuck on the couch for about a month straight.” Chris had to battle through these two uncontrollable things along with his arm injury, making his recovery that much harder on him. The now three sport athlete for Elder said this also messed him up mentally knowing half of his arm is metal. He has a plate and screws all in his left arm.

It is unfortunate to see any injuries, but this one was one to never forget. At first, rehab started off rough said Kammerer, like most things, time was the best healer. He mentioned that he is noticing a lot of strength coming back and through baseball he is going to continue to build it and try to maintain it throughout the course of the season. Motivation was something that was hard for Chris, as it would be on the majority of high school student athletes, but Chris said, “I’m motivated to get my arm back to its old strength before the injury and also to not be limited on what I can do with it”.

Chris was a big part of the football team, will be a big part of the baseball team, and even runs track for the Panthers. Chris has been resilient through these trying times and will continue to work to get back to 100% normalcy. Chris is a great example of working to get back to normal strength and a great role model to anyone fighting a bad injury. Never give up and eventually things will fall into place. Chris will be attending Ohio University to play football in the fall of 2022 and has a bright future ahead.

Hard work does pay off and Chris is a living example of that.