Breakaway features Chance the Rapper


Chance is the headline of Breakaway

On August 26, some fellow Panthers and I traveled up to the Columbus Expo Center in Columbus Ohio to listen to some rockin’ tunes and jams by my favorite artist, Chance the Rapper. Chance doesn’t come around Ohio much, so when he said he would be joining the lineup at Breakaway, we jumped on the opportunity and took the trip up there.

Being an avid Chance the Rapper fan for over four years, I finally got the opportunity to go to one of his concerts. For years, I was left watching videos of his unbelievable concerts on twitter and YouTube, dreaming of the day when I would be able to attend one of his events.

The day finally came and I got out of school early to head up to Columbus with Panther alumni Rocco Salamone, Brian Smedley, and Max Klosterman.

Chance the Rapper is known and loved for his incredible lyrics and unmatched tone of voice. He’s everything you want an artist to be.

Chance started his concert with one of his most known songs on his second mixtape Acid Rap, “Everbody’s Something”. Everyone in the crowd was hyped to see him come out to this song and right when you could hear the intro, the crowd erupted. He then went on to perform his most loved hits through his rap career most coming from his  Acid Rap such as “Favorite Song” and “Coacoa Butter Kisses”.

Then, he dove into his 3rd and most recent mixtape, Coloring Book. In this 3rd mixtape he has many upbeat and fun songs, along with many personal and slow songs like “Blessings”. He played them all front to back and even throwing in great hits of his from over the years.

If there is one thing everyone can agree on after they have seen him live is that, Chance is a performer. Chance is straight up the most talented artist I have ever seen or will see in person-ever. The greatest thing about it is that Chance sounds better live than he does in the booth. Chance sings and raps with true passion when he’s on the stage and his sound is unmatched.

He wants you, the fans, to have a good time. Long time Chance the Rapper fan Collin Scheiner told me, “He’s my favorite rapper of all time.”

“His lyrics and his songs are better than anyone other rapper out there right now.”

Breakaway was a great experience for me to listen and to fully understand what Chance the Rapper is about and stands for. After seeing him live and after he gave me one of the most memorable nights in my life, I can honestly say I have never been as excited for the future of an artist as I am for his.