Fall vibes

Three Elder celebrities tackle the season of Autumn.

Fall vibes

Football, low temperatures, sweatpants, and sweatshirts.  These are just some reasons to be excited about the great season of fall.

Fall is a great time to relax with your family and friends after a busy and fun summer.

Everyone has there own opinion about fall and what they enjoy about it the most.  So I interviewed Danny Nieman, Nick Dirr, and TJ Kearns on their top three things they like about fall.

Danny Nieman

taken by myself
taken by myself

1. Weather 

“I always enjoy sitting outside by the fire, curled up with my dog Seger, and cracking open a couple chapters of a good book.  Then after the book, flip on the television, tune into TruTv and watch some Impractical Jokers if there isn’t any seasonal movies on like the classic Beetlejuice, Halloween Town, or Twitches.”

2. Halloween Candy

“Everyone loves Halloween candy, myself included. No matter what you’re in the mood for or if you’re even hungry, staring down a big bag of candy and deciding between Reese’s, Kit Kats, Skittles, or any of the great candies of America is a cornerstone to life during the fall ”

3. Vibrant Colors

“There’s something about the vibrant colors in the fall. If you’ve ever looked around and see the leaves change colors as they fall of the trees, it’s the most beautiful death since Chubbs in Happy Gilmore”


Nick Dirr

1. Hunting

“This is my top priority, I’m going to be sittin’ in my deer stand at the break of dawn, bringing my archery bow, putting on all my camo, enjoying God’s nature as you’re hunting some bucks.”

taken by myself
taken by myself

2. Football

“Being a part of the team is like being part of another family and that during the fall you get to spend everyday at practice and on weekends at games with that football family.  It’s a special experience and one that will end before we know it.”

3. Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is one of the few days where eating as much as you can and trying not worry if your button on your jeans will pop off is acceptable.  Its a great time to be around you loved ones and enjoy the time you have alone together.”

TJ Kearns

taken by myself
taken by myself

1. Halloween Party 

“The Halloween party has had mixed reactions in the past. Some people think it’s just another party while some go all out with their costumes.  I find it to be the best of the year.  It separates the men from the boys seeing some good and some awful costumes. For example, Andrew Broxterman thought it would be really funny to dress up like Jacob Rhoads, but as usual it wasn’t funny.

2. Turkey Bowl

“The Turkey Bowl is a great opportunity for guys like Jacob Rhoads to get out there, let loose, and have some fun.  Not playing any contact sports some might think he’s soft.  It’s a chance for him to prove everybody wrong.”

3. Yoga Pants

“There’s really not much to say.  They pretty much speak for themselves.”



These are many reasons to be excited for fall and many more that were not mentioned.

So sit back and savor the few months of fall coming towards us because before we know it, it will be over and the brutally cold season of winter will take over.