RIP Vine

Death of vine

RIP Vine

The app that blessed us with “damn, Daniel”, “what are those”, and “gratata” and stars like Logan Paul and Kingbach is scheduled to be shut down by Twitter sometime soon.

Stars of Vine
Twitter via @KORDEIV96
Stars of Vine

The reason for this move is that Twitter is struggling to break even. Their stock now sitting at just $17, an all-time low for a company that was once worth 31 billion. This drop in stock is caused by Vine’s struggle to compete with Instagram and YouTube.

Vine was great at getting its users discovered. Many of the creators of popular Vines have made appearances on The Ellen Show and other talk shows.

Stars that got their start on Vine have been jumping ship and moving to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram with others getting more serious gigs like T.V. and even movie roles. Vine has been the beginning of many entertainer’s careers, but the lack of endorsement interest by companies have caused stars to move their careers t0 other outlets.

Though many users have switched to other creative platforms the users still using Vine may be sad, but not worried about their career.  Viner Logan Paul said, “We all saw it coming; it’s just a bit sad it’s already here.”

Though very soon you will not be able to upload on Vine, previous Vines will be able to be viewed and downloaded off the website. Vine seems to be taking Viner’s hard work into consideration and not deleting their videos.

Even though Vine (Twitter) is trying to the best of their ability to do it the “right way” according to their many tweets and blog posts, Vine users are not happy. Many are taking their displeasure to Twitter.  Co-founder of Vine Rus Yusupov took to twitter with a tweet that said “Don’t sell your company!”

If you have a Twitter you know your timelines have been filled with videos of popular vines and tweets containing the #ripvine.

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Vine has been a main contributor in past years to pop culture the latest was probably “damn, Daniel”. This video features a high-school student wearing white Vans and while his friend says the phrase “Damn, Daniel back at it again with the white Vans”.

With all this said if you find yourself bored in the next few weeks re-download Vine and enjoy a few six second videos.