An outraged nation reacts to the election results

America riots in anger over the fear of the next president



Last Tuesday was finally election day. Early on Wednesday morning Donald Trump was announced as the next President of the United States. As this happened many were shocked due to the fact that Hillary Clinton was projected to win. As a result, many were outraged at the results and took to the streets to show their disapproval.

Peaceful protests started on Wednesday in major cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Some of the signs said “No racist USA” and other sayings to defame the next president of the United States.

New York police officers arrested about 65 rioters Wednesday night mostly due to disorderly conduct or resisting arrest. Protesters all around the country did things such as burn American flags; spray paint inappropriate sayings and offensive things onto building monuments. In LA, a giant Trump made out of paper-mache was burned in front of City Hall; protesters also blocked highways and delayed traffic.

People took to Twitter saying things like #TrumpProtest, #NotMyPresident, and #antitrump. A Yale professor canceled an exam because students were disappointed with the results of the election. Even someone who was thought of as a Trump supporter was removed from his car and beat up by people unhappy with the election. Some celebrities even said that if Donald Trump was elected that they would flee the country and move to Canada. The list included: Amy Schumer, comedian; Lena Dunham, actress; and Spike Lee, director of Malcolm X and famous New York Knicks fan.

Many of the protesters were Clinton supporters, and in New York they marched towards Trump Tower chanting “she got more votes.” People also complained to social media by saying that people’s votes “don’t matter” and America is a corrupt democracy because Hillary won the popular vote but not the election. They did this to try and get their point across. Technically, they aren’t wrong about the fact that Hillary got more popular votes, however in America whoever wins the popular vote doesn’t win the election, it is the candidate with the most votes from the electoral college who wins the presidency.

A final thought

It’ll all going to be okay, just relax America. Every election people wig out and think that our great nation will end and time after time the earth keeps moving round and around. There is no reason to panic, we will be fine. I get the sudden outburst of outrage because of Donald Trump’s unexpected win but everyone just needs to step back, relax, and take a deep breath. After a few months all this will blow over and America will be fine.