Rogue One premiers in theaters

A look into the new Star Wars story

About a year after Star Wars: The Force Awakens stormed the theaters, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story quickly filled the void in between Episode 7 and Episode 8.  The new movie takes place in between Episode Three and Four, explaining the process of how the Rebel Alliance formed and how it obtained the Death Star plans.

First, many unknowns surround the new Star Wars film.  It can be expected that the film won’t bring as much anticipation as a regular Episode would, but, nonetheless, a turnout will be a guarantee.  Maybe the most intriguing thing about this film is the true uncertainty it brings.  For example, information on how the Rebels obtained the Death Star plans have never been foreshadowed in previous episodes.

Additionally, it appears to be very challenging to speculate how the plans were stolen.  Thus, viewers are suspect to be on the edge of their seats for majority of the film, and will be wowed at the twists and turns it took for the Rebels to complete the impossible.

Secondly, new characters surface onto the big screen.  Many of these main characters in Rogue One may, in fact, would have been minor characters in the Trilogy.  With this in mind, Rogue One allows new faces to steal the hearts of beloved Star Wars fans.  But, new faces aren’t the only ones stealing the show.  Old faces, such as Darth Vader, also appear in the story.  The question arises on how big of a role Darth Vader will play in Rogue One, so I had senior Adam Keller speculate on the great villain’s role.

Keller pondered on his intellectual Star Wars knowledge as he said, “I think Rogue One could be a huge way to display Darth Vader in his prime, and show how many people he actually killed”.

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I really hope Darth Vader plays a huge role in this film

— Adam Keller

Zach “Diz” Dehner agreed with Keller as he said, “For all Star Wars fans across the globe, we’ve all been accustomed to Darth Vader’s slow and methodical light saber duels”.  “I would truly love to see Darth Vader in an athletic form, running and jumping around rather than standing still and fighting”, Dehner added.

It is truly hard to disagree with the men as they both bring up valid points.  For me, personally, I believe that Rogue One is another way of showing Darth Vader in action to the public, and an extra way to bring in some more dough.  Adam Keller touched on the story line of Rogue One as he said, “What really made the Trilogy and Prequels so unique were the huge battle scenes.  One battle scene that really stood out to me was the Battle of Hoth.”  Keller also added, “I think Rogue One might lack that ‘Big Battle’ effect to their film, and could possibly ruin the whole story”.  I agreed with Keller, and how everyone comes to Star Wars films to see intense battles, plot twists, betrayal, and interesting story lines.  It is essential that Rogue One includes that to be considered a classic.

All in all, Star Wars fanatics are bound for a good one.  I believe that Rogue One will be a great film for those who crave all things Star Wars, and just an average film for those who don’t care much for the series.  Rogue One will serve as an informative, yet intense, story of how the Rebels found the coveted Death Star plans in order to destroy the Death Star.  Rogue One hits the theaters on December 16th, 2016.